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Mitsubishi Carisma

Mitsubishi Carisma Mitsubishi Carisma Mitsubishi Carisma

Mitsubishi Carisma

Цена: €9.000

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Производство / Туринг


Mitsubishi / Eagle Carisma Lancer

Super Production Mitsubishi Carisma # 003
Body: Fully Welded and strengthened Mitsubishi Carsima shell Chrome molybendum steel roll cage
Engine: 1800cc MSX mitsubishi DOHC 16v with 200Bhp
ECU: Emerald fully programble
Transmision: Standard with Sper Diff
Brake: AP s296mm mit 4 pots Calipers and Internal brake bias adjust.
Suspension: Dynamic suspension dampers - 3 way adjustable.  Fully adjustable camber, castor, front & rear toe-in. Adjustable anti-roll bars.
Fuel system: Custom made FT3 bag tank
Spare: 6 wheels extra and a lot of other spares
History: Dutch Touring Car championship (DTCC) 1998 with T. Coronel
Price: $ 12,000,-- / €9.000,--
Mitsubishi Carisma
Mitsubishi Carisma Mitsubishi Carisma Mitsubishi Carisma

VW -

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VW - Porsche Motorsport 914/4 cilindri 2000 cc. vettura preparata in categoria GTS per competizioni autostoriche



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Renault 5

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Renault 5 turbo 2 for sale gearbox doors reinforcement maxi 5 kit complet maxi 5 alu roolcage and many new parts info matijagtt@hotmail.com



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Nissan 350Z

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Nissan 350Z/G37 Car provided for the racing, sprint, the racing or endurance racing, but can be easily adapted Drift, Drag race. Aerodynamic and lightweight, fiberglass body (front and rear wings, front and rear bumper, hood, trunk, passenger do...



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Hewland FT



Cassetta corredo ingranaggi per Hewland ft200 oppure fg400 : 14-46; 15-32;13-32; 2x 16-30;2x19-28;2x18-28;18-30;22;24;21-26; 1 forcella, 10 anelli.

Racefab Inc GT1

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2015 Racefab GT 1 Trans Am chassis with complete front suspension with front upper control arms, lower control arms, uprights, hub assemblies, spring arms and pull rods and weight jacks with all spacers and bolts. set up for solid axle 3 link will wo...

Toyota 3K-R / 137e



Toyota 3K-R / 137e Toyota 151E, 150E/ 137e or 3K-R and 100E engines, ultra-rare, race-only historic and classic. These are the last known engines of its kind that are still in racing condition. The other 150E in TOYOTA HISTORY GARAGE in Odaiba, Jap...



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