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BMW M Coupe

BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe

BMW M Coupe

Цена: €19.957

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Производство / Туринг
M Coupe
track day


Bmw M Coupe

've owned this coupe for the past 5 years, and as much as it hurts to say, it is now time for me to part ways with it. I am the 3rd owner. The previous owner is an enthusiast and has quite a few BMWs, and before that, the car was a corporate lease.

This car has a clean title with 87,440 miles on it. I have records up to 2012 which was really the last time I drove the car aside from a couple of track days. I have receipts for most of the aftermarket parts on the car. The car has always been garaged when it wasn't being driven. It had a small fender bender under previous ownership on the rear right fender, but the repair on it was excellent. The paint matches perfectly and there are no waves or orange peel in the finish.

This car is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. There is a ding on the driver door and rear right fender from parking incidents caused by other drivers. There are a few drilled holes in the bumper from mounting splitters and canards, and the hatch has been drilled for the rear wing. The paint could use some detailing, and the front end has some small chips from track use, but otherwise it is in good shape. Because it was a track car, I have taken meticulous care of the mechanical aspects of the car.

Most of the interior has been removed, but I have most of the original interior parts except the seats, head unit, subwoofer plastic trim cover, and leather hockey sticks (the ones that are on the side of the console). I can put everything back in before selling if you would like. I have not put the car on a scale, but the car should be about 250lbs lighter than stock. It is a blast to drive!

All of the original parts that I still have (which is most of them) will be included with the sale. This includes headers, catbacks, interior parts, cooling parts, and quite a few miscellaneous parts. You could restore this car back to factory spec with less than $1500. You will also need to install a passenger seat if that's something you want.

As it sits, the car does not pass CA smog due to deleted cats. You will need to figure out how to get it smogged, though I could point you in the right direction. The sale includes the stock headers/O2 sensor, so you could reinstall those to pass smog.

This sale is intended for track day enthusiasts or somebody who wants a fun weekend car. It is driveable on the street with a just a few mods (namely: quieter exhaust and seats without side head protection). I posted a 1:58.2 in this car at Buttonwillow 13CW with a passenger in its current trim. With a better driver and no passenger, there is no doubt in my mind that this car can do a 1:56 or better. I have always erred on the side of safety and reliability on this car (and it shows in my lap times compared to the fast guys). It has been as non-abused as you can get with a dedicated track car.

The engine is bone stock aside from a Shark software flash. I bought this mainly to improve the throttle response as it had quite a bad input delay from the factory on the stock throttle map. It revs to 8100, but I have always short shifted at 7600-7800RPM on track to keep oil temps down. I changed the oil every 5000 miles when it was street driven and every 3 events (about 1200 miles) after it became a dedicated track car. It has always been filled with Castrol TWS 10W-60. The only other engine mods would be the headers and exhaust. I added an aftermarket oil cooler and repositioned it behind the kidney grill for better airflow. The oil temp has never exceeded 260ºF which is the normal oil temp you would see on an S54 motor on track. The car has never been overheated or overrevved, and I have been careful to do cooldown laps in between hot laps during sessions on hot days. I left the motor as stock as possible to avoid any engine reliability issues, and there has not been any.

The coilovers have about 20k miles on them with about 18 track days. They are still in good working condition (as evidenced by the most recent lap times). All the bushings have been replaced and have less than 20k miles on them. All the adjustments work perfectly, so you can tune the suspension to your liking.

Here are some things I replaced/refreshed recently:
- Guibo (10k miles)
- CV Joints (5k miles)
- Studs (2k miles)
- New radiator (5k miles, filled with water / water wetter)
- Tranny & diff oil (1.5k miles, 3 track days)
- Engine oil (800 miles, 1 track day)
- Rebuilt & upgraded steering rack (8k miles)
- Ventus TD tires have 1 track day on them (~100 miles, 5 heat cycles)
- Battery is about 2 years old and kept on a battery tender when not driven
- New alternator (10k miles)

Here is the list of mods. I know I'll never recover the full value of what I've put into this car, so it is priced accordingly.

TCKline S/A Coilovers 600F/700R
TCKline RSMs
Vorshlag 90mm bullet nose studs
Vorshlag Front Camber Plates
UUC 25.4mm Adjustable Front Sway
Powerflex FCAB
IE Weld-in toe/camber brackets
IE Green Rear Subframe Bushings
Ireland Engineering RTABs
Reinforced sway tabs
Z3 non-M Steering Rack
Hawk DTC-60 brake pads F/R
Gruven Parts front brake ducts

APR 7.5" x 55" 2D airfoil
Ciro Designs uprights w/ custom L brackets
Custom endplates
Gurney flap
Front alumalite splitter
Longacre 8" adjustable splitter supports

K&N Panel Filter
Jim Conforti Software (Sport mode, 8100 RPM)
Single 3" Mandrel bent exhaust to Magnaflow 14834 muffler
eBay Supersprint Rep Headers
Ireland Engineering Oil Cooler
Nylon sleeved oil cooler AN hoses
Oil filter housing AN adapter
Mishimoto Aluminum 3" Core Radiator
SPAL 16" low profile fan

Recaro Pro Racer seat
Sparco side mounts
VAC Floor Mounts
Autopower Roll Bar
Schroth 6 pt Clubman III harnesses
Momo Mod 88 Steering Wheel
Momo 2011 Hub Adapter
OEM Alarm w/ Keyless Entry

3.46 OE Clutch-type LSD
AKG DTM Stage II Shifter
AKG Selector Rod

Wide angle side mirror glass
Magnetic Fender Guards
5000k HIDs
LED license plate lights
Color matched spoiler
Clear Front Bumper Markers

Sale will NOT include the wheels pictured. I will include stock wheels with R888s on them.

I am asking $26,500 OBO. This is just slightly above market value for an S54 coupe of this mileage, plus you get all the goodies listed above and the knowledge that this car was taken care of by an enthusiast who is competent in the garage.

Feel free to text/call me at 949-328-427zero
BMW M Coupe
BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe BMW M Coupe

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