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Высокоскоростные Автомобили класса ГТ (Гранд Турер)


Multiple races winning car available immediately. Prepared to the highest standard for the 2019 season.

My mechanic and dad spent an unbelievable amount of time, money and effort preparing this car and this is reflected in its results in 2017 (has not been raced in 2018 but has been maintained to an excellent standard) despite being driven by a novice driver. Race wins have been achieved by all of the drivers that have raced this car.

The car remains completely the same as it was when driven to a 2nd place finish in its final race, only behind our other car. Yes, if you buy this car it actually comes with the fast engine that it raced within 2017!

The car is ready to win in the Junior or Senior championships this season and will come with all setup info.

Included is a total of 8 wheels, with 4 slicks (Dunlops) and 4 wet tires (Dunlops).

This is by far the cheapest and best value race winning Fiesta on the market.

All the right spec required to win races.
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