Ginetta G50 GT4

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G50 GT4
Высокоскоростные Автомобили класса ГТ (Гранд Турер)


Bought new in March 2016. Additional upgrades were GT4 lights, Both Spec wings (Supercup and GT4) Both Spec Front Splitters (Supercup and GT4). The car has covered only 60hrs of use and has recently had the engines 60hr service and stands at 0km, The gearbox has been serviced and stands at 0km.

Parts recently fitted
> Drive shafts 2000km
> Clutch 2000km
> New type alternator 2000km
> Dash is upgraded/unlocked for GPS laptiming.
> Wheel studs upgraded to ARP type.
> New front bumper
> New LH Sill
> New RH Sill
> New Rear Clam
> New Rear Diffuser
> Screen Un cracked and screen tare offs still on.
> Endurance headlights

> Spares

> 3 x Spare sets of rims
> Selection of springs
> Used bonnet.
> Used drive shafts
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