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Высокоскоростные Автомобили класса ГТ (Гранд Турер)


Engine: Ford Focus RS 5 cylinder with wet cylinder liners, I-shaft connecting rods, forged pistons, 272 ° camshafts, Cooperring cylinder head gasket, cylinder head studs, and much more ....

Turbocharger: GTX3582R

Wastegate: external

Injectors: 1200 cc new

Intercooler: Wagner tuning new

Transmission: 6 gears with H shift

Locking differential with different setup options

Clutch: sintered metal

Flywheel: one mass

Safety tank: 120 L FIA new

Catch Tank System with two feed pumps and two Bosch 044 pumps

Cell: with FIA certificate

Seat: König FIA 3 years old

Straps: 6 point OMP for Hans system FIA new

Data logging: AIM MXL Pro

Suspension: KW Racing Competition, 3-way adjustable

Suspension: all linkages with uniball joints, aluminum front wishbones, rear aluminum tie rods, all adjustable.

Brake system: front AP 6 piston calipers with 380 mm brake discs

Rims: 10.5 "x 18" Manufacturer Rays forged extremely light: weight 8.3 KG

Tires: 280/650 / R18 Michelin Slick

Interior: Very clear control panel with illuminated switches (ideal for night races z.B.24 H)

Windscreen: heated

And much more......

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