Audi R8

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Высокоскоростные Автомобили класса ГТ (Гранд Турер)


Car with all upgrade done by Audi, ex Dindo Capello, winner of Italian GT Championship

Car in perfect condition, never used in endurance races, only sprint event.

Ready to race, for sale for changed racing program, the car is in north of Italy in the Nova Race workshop.

2500 km done since last engine rebuild

300 km done since last gearbox rebuild

Clutch 2 races done

Drive shaft 700 km done

All safety systems are updated to the latest reg.

The car will be delivered with big stock of spare parts (this is a short list, complete list available upon request):

Complete suspensions

Brakes discs



engine control units

gearbox rebuilt (0 km)

Engine rebuilt (0 km) complete with wiring and accessories

complete hardware.


Throttle body



shock absorbers

Many bodywork parts

Price: € 140.000,00 (+ VAT if due)

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