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Aston Martin
Высокоскоростные Автомобили класса ГТ (Гранд Турер)


Odometer: 26,500 km 4.7 ltr Motor Sport Shift Gearbox only 16 pieces (invoice) DMSB wagenpass 2 wheelsets Well-stocked car

This very beautiful Aston Martin Vantage GT4 is for sale.

Odometer: 26,500 km. Chassis in very good condition.

Engine: 0 hours after a complete engine overhaul.

Tested on the test bench. Invoice available.

Sport-Shift transmission: 16 hours after the overhaul in Appleby. Invoice available.

Comes with a total of 2 sets of wheels: 1 slicks + 1 new rain tires.

Including original Aston Martin Recaro racing seat.

Lots of upgrades like the Brembo GT braking system and body.

These cars were professionally built by Prodrive and have proven to be very reliable. Currently approved for various historical championships.

Well-stocked car. Ready for use on the racetrack!
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